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Client Experiences

Joanna’s reading for me called in my main guide and she was able to identify his personality as I know it and his special connection to me.  She brought through a message from him which was exactly what I needed to hear and what my soul wishes me to work through in order to achieve my goals.  I am so grateful for that.  She brought through accurately that my father was going through a difficult time and this brought tears to my eyes.  The guidance on how to support him was something that I had not considered and was so loving and felt exactly right.  I look forward to the opportunity to implement it when I see him next.  Joanna’s gifts are authentic and very powerful.  I feel safe and guided in her hands.

M.S., Ottawa, ON

I have had many readings over the years and Joanna’s was one of the best! She channeled two of my most treasured lives in my life: my beloved Australian Shepherd,  who past about 12 years ago & my beloved grandfather. Her physical descriptions as well as their characteristics of each were spot on.

Joanna was also able to share with me areas in my life that I had been working on as well as how to move forward, with sound advice. I found her to be honest, knowing and very gifted. She is an extremely talented intuitive & medium. 

E.G., Los Angeles, CA

I can’t thank Joanna enough for her mediumship readings, intuitive card readings, and spirit guide connections she has done for me.  Her style is so confident and genuine.  I was holding onto each thing she said and I was amazed at how she truly connects to the essence of your loved one.  I was especially grateful for how she explained my spirit guide connections and it gave me the push to start talking to my guides more and use their names for support in my daily life.  Thank you!!!

D. D., Philadelphia, PA

With my reading, Joanna connected with one of my guides. She (or should I say the guide) hit the mark mentioning my love of dance and that it’s pure joy.  This is true and I will take the other messages from my guide to heart. Joanna is approachable, compassionate and genuine. I would highly recommend a reading with her. 

K.H., Utah

Joanna brought through an important part of my healing journey and helped bring my attention to where I might be feeling stuck.  This brought so much clarity around some blocks I was feeling.  I love how you described this needed healing release and then what is to come once I surrender and heal.  I feel very inspired around how the release will affect my energy field in a positive way.  I really appreciate the clarity and insight you brought me.  This reading was so helpful.  I highly recommend reaching out to Joanna for a reading.

A.P.  Los Angeles, CA

I have had a few soul readings done by Joanna over the years and can unequivocally say that Joanna has a gentle, calming approach that instantly puts you at ease.  She has a natural gift of connection and because she is connecting with your angel team, her readings are positive and prescriptive. She provides a safe space for you to be authentic and ask tough questions.  

Not only does Joanna communicate what she is feeling based on what your team of angels is communicating through her, she also gives thoughtful advice on what you can do on a daily basis to create your own intentions and put it out there for the universe to hear. 

I guarantee that you will walk away from your session with Joanna feeling uplifted, positive and inspired

V.M. Indiana, IN

I have a had the pleasure of working with Joanna on multiple occasions and each sitting brought upon great growth and connection.  She brought forward clear evidence of memories I shared with my loved ones and was able to relay important messages that they had for me with great clarity.  After my readings, I received synchronicities from my loved ones and I knew a great healing took place during our reading.  I would recommend Joanna for any soul work that you are looking into!  Thank you again Joanna!

B.P.  BC, Canada

I have been getting readings done with Joanna for over 7 years now.  Every reading I have had with her has never disappointed.  Whether it was giving me the confidence to further explore certain “nudges” I was feeling or something as simple as asking the universe for what I want, Joanna has never steered me wrong.  She definitely has a gift!

M.C.  Burlington, ON, Canada

My reading with Joanna was phenomenal!  She clearly identified my loved ones who are in the spirit world and brought through beautiful messages that felt loving and confirming.  The most incredible part of the experience was when Joanna brought through an apology from someone that has brought incredible healing for myself and my family.  I’m still blown away by the clarity and quantity of the evidence and the messages that I received and will recommend Joanna to everyone I know!

D.B.,  B.C., Canada

Wow! Joanna was so spot on with my reading.  She connected with my Grandpa and gave me key evidence on his obsession with his car and his job as a banker!  She delivered such lovely messages as well and really helped me gain insight on my future knowing my Grandpa is 100% in my corner.  Can’t wait for another!

A.T. Chicago, Il

I recently received a mediumship reading by Joanna and WOW!  She was so accurate in her reading.  Joanna’s down to earth and grounded way of communicating the messages she was receiving was so comforting.  She was able to connect with my Dad and everything that she sensed and spoke of was so very helpful and encouraging.  The level of detail and accuracy that Joanna picked up on made me feel so incredibly close to my Dad.  It was truly a beautiful and healing experience.  I would highly recommend Joanna for a mediumship reading.  Thank you Joanna, what a gift you are!

C.N. Squamish, BC

Joanna is truly living her purpose! I recently had a reading with her, that validated so many questions I was having in my life. She knew exactly what I had been experiencing, and brought through such detailed and accurate information. Connecting with my guides and relaying past lives that I knew to be true. Her excitement and encouragement was like talking with an old friend. I left the reading in awe of the messages she brought through, and fully confident in living my truth. I can't recommend Joanna enough, as meeting with her was one of the most healing and genuine experiences.

C.H. Seattle, WA

Joanna, I want to thank you so much for the beautiful reading yesterday.  I was totally not expecting that. I have had one other reading many months ago - a woman heard about on a podcast so I contacted her. She was really not that good. I didn’t realize how ‘not good’ she was until I had you read for me the message you gave me literally brought me to tears at one point yesterday. You are so kind.  You spent so much time with me, you are authentic and truly your heart desires to help. You have helped me take my relationship with my dad to a new level.  To trust that I actually do feel him around me and then he does love me and now I can rely on him. I figured out which son you were talking about and the message that he will be OK is very comforting. I just need to tell you how much I appreciate what you did in the reading.  That reading for me was life changing. You said a number of things to me changed my point of perspective. You are a beautiful talented soul!

C.S. Omaha, Ne